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DevOps Assessments

A handy tool for DevOps teams to improve their skills


Titel DevOps Assessments
Auteur Bart de Best
ISBN 9 789492 618047
Druk 1e
Publicatie 2019
Uitgever Leonon Media
Verkoop Contact dbmetrics
Werkboek /

DevOps teams organize themselves and improve the Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) aspects that are still underexposed. On the other hand, DevOps teams share knowledge and skills with other DevOps teams so that they reinforce each other. This book provides a tool to make the DevOps teams aware of where they stand in terms of maturity and the next steps they can take to develop. To this end, this book offers two assessments. The first assessment is the DevOps Cube assessment based on “The Three Ways” by Gene Kim. The second assessment is based on Continuous Everything whereby all aspects of DevOps are measured using the CMMI model.

The DevOps Cube assessment is based on the idea that DevOps can be viewed from six different perspectives. Each gives a specific picture of the design of the DevOps philosophy. The fronts of the cube are based on “The Three Ways”: “Flow”, “Feedback” and “Continuous Learning”, the back of the cube include: “Governance”, “Pipeline” and “QA”.

The Continuous Everything assessment comprises six lists of questions that make the DevOps maturity measurable on five levels. The following dimensions are included: “Continuous Integration”, “Continuous Delivery”, “Continuous Testing”, “Continuous Monitoring”, “Continuous Documentation”, and “Continuous Learning”. This assessment book is an excellent mirror for every DevOps team that wants to quickly obtain a complete picture of the DevOps best practices to be addressed.