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Masterclass Continuous Architecture – EN

The Continuous Architecture Masterclass is the training for Continuous Architecture of applications in Agile projects.

Price: € 1175,-
Duration: 2 days

1. How to attend this masterclass

  • The Continuous Architecture Masterclass training can be followed online. In-company training, or customization is also possible.
  • The training days are from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
  • The training evenings are from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. With the evening training sessions you will go through the material in less time and spend more time on self-study.
  • To enroll: send an email to bart@dbmetrics.nl

2. The content

Continuous Architecture ensures the realization of an organization’s strategy by providing direction for the innovation and management of the information provision required for this purpose. A distinction is made between System of Records (SOR), System of Engagement (SOE) and System of Services (SOS). The SOR concerns applications that are tightly coupled and together form a chain. This requires an upfront architectural design. The SOE are the applications that are used for simple applications such as web applications that are loosely coupled. This requires an emerging architecture design that grows with the implementation. The SOS concerns the services provided by the BVS, DVS, SVS and ISVS.

The BVS is the Business Value System that provides the business services. Continuous Architecture provides architectural principles and models for information architecture, for example. This also applies to the Development Value System (DVS), where Continuous Architecture provides direction to the development value streams that provide development services such as the test architecture. The Service Value System (ITIL) is also supported by Continuous Architecture, for example for the design of the CI/CD secure pipeline. Finally, Continuous Architecture provides information security architecture for the Information Security Value System (ISVS). This holistic approach to Continuous Architecture enables optimal integrated implementation for both the development and management of the information provision of the entire organization that is necessary for the realization of the organizational strategy.

The training also includes the Continuous Architecture Assessment, which can be used to identify specific topics that require more attention in your own environment.

This training is part of the Continuous Everything series of training courses that dbmetrics provides.

3. Your profile

You are an Enterprise Architect, Domain Architect, Solution Architect or Designer and you want to know how you can contribute to the realization of the business strategy in your position.

4. Content and learning objectives Masterclass Continuous Architecture

In deze professionele en praktijkgerichte Masterclass Continuous Architecture komen de volgende onderwerpen aan bod:

Module 1: CH en gerelateerde topics

  • Wat is architectuur?
  • Wat zijn SOR, SOE, SOS?
  • Wat zijn Generieke en Specificieke Acceptatiecriteria?
  • Wat is Agile, Lean and DevOps?
  • Wat is Continuous Everything?
  • Wat is Continuous Architecture?
  • Wat is de relatie with CE areas?

Module 2: CH defined

  • Wat is de CH vision?
  • Wat is de CH architecture?
  • Wat is de CH design?

Module 3: CH Concepts

  • CH Methods and Techniques
  • CH Control
  • CH Management
  • CH Data
  • CH Quality
  • CH Strategy

Module 4: CH In-depth

  • CC Topics: Value stream om SOR applicaties onder architectuur vorm te geven
  • CC Topics: Value stream om SOE applicaties onder architectuur vorm te geven
  • CC Topics: Value stream om SOS vorm teg even onder architectuur
  • CC Topics: Acceptatiecriteria en acceptatietesten
  • CC Topics: Acceptatiecriteria verankerd in Agile Scrum

Onderdeel 5: CC Practices

  • CC Oefeningen

5. Prior knowledge and entry requirements Masterclass Continuous Architecture

No specific prior knowledge is required to follow this masterclass. It is useful to know basis terms of agile concepts like Agile Scrum and DevOps.

6. Training duration and costs

The Masterclass lasts 2 days. The costs for the masterclass are: €1175. This price includes digital teaching materials and excludes VAT.

The material for this masterclass is delivered digitally. If you want to read the sheets on your own device during the masterclass, you must bring your own device.

Continuous Auditing

This training includes the book Continuous Architecture.

ISBN: 978-94-91480-35-5

7. Exam

The costs for the Continuous Architecture exam are €225 excl. VAT.

8. Certificate

If you have successfully completed the exam after the training, you will receive the certificate Continuous Architecture.

9. Teachers

dbmetrics only works with the best teachers. Our trainers have extensive experience, are certified and have knowledge of theory and practice.

10. In-company

This training can also be organized in-company, under the guidance of one of our experienced consultants/trainers.

11. Advice and secondment

Are you looking for an experienced change manager, service level manager, product owner of scrum master or are you looking for good advice regarding setting up or optimizing your IT organization? Please contact dbmetrics.