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      SLA Templates

      A complete set of SLA templates

      The most important thing in providing a service Is that the customer is satisfied with the delivered performance. With this satisfaction, the supplier gets re-purchasing’s, promotions in the market and is the continuity of the company ensured. Perhaps the most important aspect of this customer satisfaction for a supplier is that the employees in question get a drive to further develop their own knowledge and skills to satisfy even more customers. This book describes the templates for Service Level Agreements in order to agree with the customer on the required service levels.

      TitelSLA Templates
      SubtitleA complete set of SLA templates
      AuthorBart de Best
      ISBN13978 94 92618 030
      ReleasedSep 2017

      The following templates are included in this book:

      • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
      • Underpinning Contract (UC)
      • Operational Level Agreement (OLA)
      • Document Agreement and Procedures (DAP)
      • Document Financial Agreements (DFA)
      • Service Catalogue
      • External Spec Sheet (ESS)
      • Internal Spec Sheet (ISS)
      • Service Quality Plan (SQP)
      • Service Improvement Program (SQP)