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Continuous Security – EN

A publication in the Continuous Everything series

Continuous Auditing

Continuous security is an approach that aims to keep an organisation in control from three perspectives:

  • The business perspective: Business value streams are in control of the identified risks by continuously testing the effectiveness of the controls deployed and recording evidence.
  • The development perspective: Development value streams are in control by integrally including the non-functional requirements for information security in the development.
  • The operations perspective: Operations value streams are in control for the production of the new and changed ICT services through an adequate design of the CI/CD secure pipeline in which controls automatically test the non-functional requirements
Titel Continuous Security
Auteur Bart de Best
ISBN 978 94 91480 188
Druk 1st
Publicatie 2022
Uitgever Leonon Media
Verkoop Contact dbmetrics
Werkboek /


This book is a publication in the continuous everything series. The content consists of a discussion of the application of ISO 27001 on the basis of three sets of security practices, namely Governance, Risk and Quality. The practices are provided with a definition and objective. In addition, examples and best practices are given.

The continuous security concept is designed to be used in Agile Scrum (development) and DevOps (Development & Operations) environments. To this end, it connects seamlessly to common Agile management models. This Agile approach to information security provides you with a powerful tool to get a grip on the compliance of your Agile system development and management.