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Continuous SLA – EN

A publication in the Continuous Everything series

Continuous Auditing

Continuous SLA focuses on recognising risks that can harm the outcome of business processes (core value streams). These risks arise as a result of new construction and maintenance of information systems through Agile teams. Within the concept of Continuous SLA, these risks are analysed from different perspectives and provided with countermeasures by the DevOps team, also known as SLA controls. By making these SLA controls measurable, they become suitable planning objects that can be placed on the product backlog.

Titel Continuous SLA
Auteur Bart de Best
ISBN 978 94 91480 256
Druk 1st
Publicatie 2023
Uitgever Leonon Media
Verkoop Contact dbmetrics
Blog Outsourcing using a Continuous SLA


This book is a publication in the continuous everything series. The content consists of the discussion of techniques to identify and manage risks such as the use of Lean indicators, value stream mapping and information, application and technical architecture building blocks. In addition to the core value streams, the enable value streams such as management, information security and development value streams are also examined for risks that directly or indirectly harm the outcome. The recognised SLA controls are anchored in the Agile way of working by deepening the collaboration between, among others, the product owner and service level manager. This integrated approach to SLA controls makes it possible to get a grip on quality in Agile projects.