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Continuous Learning – EN

A publication in the Continuous Everything series

Continuous Auditing

Continuous Learning is an approach to get a grip on the competences needed to realise your organisation’s strategy. To this end, continuous learning offers Human Resource Management an approach that explores the organisational needs and competences step by step and converts these needs into competency profiles.

A competency profile is defined here as the set of knowledge, skills and behavior at a certain Bloom level that produces a certain result. Competency profiles are then merged into roles that in turn form functions. In this way an Agile job house is obtained.

Titel Continuous Learning
Auteur Bart de Best
ISBN 978 94 92618 740
Druk 1st
Publicatie 2022
Uitgever Leonon Media
Verkoop Contact dbmetrics
Werkboek /


This book is a publication in the continuous everything series. The content consists of a discussion of the continuous learning model that helps you to translate a value chain strategy step by step into a personal roadmap for employees. This book also indicates how to organise Continuous Learning in your organisation based on the paradigm of the change manager and architecture principles and models. With this agile approach to HRM you have a powerful tool to get the competences to the desired level of your organisation.