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Masterclass Continuous Acceptance – EN

The Continuous Acceptance Masterclass is the training for continuous acceptance of applications in Agile projects.

Price: € 1175,-
Duration: 2 days

1. How to attend this masterclass

  • The Continuous Acceptance Masterclass training can be followed online. In-company training, or customization is also possible.
  • The training days are from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
  • The training evenings are from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. With the evening training sessions you will go through the material in less time and spend more time on self-study.
  • To enroll: send an email to bart@dbmetrics.nl

2. The content

The value creation within Agile working is mainly related to the value streams. The applications that support the value streams must make them come true. Therefore, when accepting applications in Agile projects, it must be determined that this is the case. A good approach to this is to determine from a business perspective and management perspective what can go wrong so that this value creation is not adequately achieved. The cause is the risks for which acceptance criteria must be devised and applied in Agile projects. The Definition of Ready and Definition of Done form the anchor for this application of acceptance criteria.

The training also includes the Continuous Acceptance Assessment, on the basis of which specific topics can be found that require more attention in your own environment.

This training is part of the Continuous Everything series of training courses that dbmetrics provides.

3. Your profile

You are a product owner, scrum master, developer or administrator and you want to know how you can better align the quality and functionality of your application with the goals of the value streams.

4. Content and learning objectives Masterclass Continuous Acceptance

The following topics are discussed in this professional and practice-oriented Continuous Acceptance Masterclass:

Module 1: CC and related topics

  • What are acceptance criteria?
  • What is acceptance?
  • What are Generic and Specific Acceptance Criteria?
  • What is Agile, Lean and DevOps?
  • What is Continuous Everything?
  • What is Continuous Acceptance?
  • What is the relationship with CE areas?

Module 2: CC defined

  • What is the CC vision?
  • What is the CC architecture?
  • What is the CC design?

Module 3: CC Concepts

  • CC Methods and Techniques
  • CC Control
  • CC Management
  • CC Data
  • CC Quality
  • CC Strategy

Module 4: CC In-depth

  • CC Topics: Deriving and applying specific acceptance criteria
  • CC Topics: Derivation and application of generic acceptance criteria
  • CC Topics: Acceptance criteria and requirements
  • CC Topics: Acceptance criteria and acceptance testing
  • CC Topics: Acceptance criteria anchored in Agile Scrum

Unit 5: CC Practices

  • CC Exercises

    5. Prior knowledge and entry requirements Masterclass Continuous Acceptance

    No specific prior knowledge is required to follow this masterclass. It is useful to know basis terms of agile concepts like Agile Scrum and DevOps.

    6. Training duration and costs

    The Masterclass lasts 2 days. The costs for the masterclass are: €1175. This price includes digital teaching materials and excludes VAT.

    The material for this masterclass is delivered digitally. If you want to read the sheets on your own device during the masterclass, you must bring your own device.

    Continuous Auditing

    This training includes the book Continuous Acceptance.

    ISBN: 978-94-91480-32-4

    7. Exam

    The costs for the Continuous Acceptance exam are €225 excl. VAT.

    8. Certificate

    If you have successfully completed the exam after the training, you will receive the certificate Continuous Acceptance.

    9. Teachers

    dbmetrics only works with the best teachers. Our trainers have extensive experience, are certified and have knowledge of theory and practice.

    10. In-company

    This training can also be organized in-company, under the guidance of one of our experienced consultants/trainers.

    11. Advice and secondment

    Are you looking for an experienced change manager, service level manager, product owner of scrum master or are you looking for good advice regarding setting up or optimizing your IT organization? Please contact dbmetrics.