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Continuous Design – EN

A publication in the Continuous Everything series

Continuous Auditing

Continuous Design is an approach that aims to allow DevOps teams to briefly think in advance about the contours of the information system to be realised and to allow the design to grow during the Agile project (emerging design). This prevents interface risks and guarantees essential knowledge transfer to support management and compliance with legislation and regulations. Elements that guarantee the continuity of an organisation.

Titel Continuous Design
Auteur Bart de Best
ISBN 978 94 92618 481
Druk 1st
Publicatie 2022
Uitgever Leonon Media
Verkoop Contact dbmetrics
Werkboek /


This book is a publication in the continuous everything series. The content consists of the continuous design pyramid model in which the following design views are defined: business, solution, design, requirements, test, and code view. The continuous design encompasses the entire lifecycle of the information system. The first three views are completed based on modern design techniques such as value stream mapping and use cases. However, the emphasis of the effective application of a continuous design lies in the realisation of the information system, namely by integrating the design in the Behavior Driven Development and Test-Driven Development as well as in continuous documentation. With this Agile approach to design you have a powerful tool at your disposal to get a grip on an Agile development project.