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Masterclass Continuous Assessment – EN

Continuously delivering new versions of an application in the production environment that adds value to the business.

Price: € 1175,-
Duration: 2 days

1. How to attend this masterclass

  • The Continuous Assessment Masterclass training can be followed online. In-company training, or customization is also possible.
  • The training days are from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
  • The training evenings are from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. With the evening training sessions you will go through the material in less time and spend more time on self-study.
  • To enroll: send an email to bart@dbmetrics.nl

2. The content

In the Continuous Assessment Masterclass you will learn to identify areas for improvement in your software development process in a simple and structured manner. The business case and the architectural principles and models of the assessment models are discussed, followed by the definition of the questionnaires.

CE model

The first model is the CE model, which is based on Continuous Everything in which all relevant DevOps terms can be found. The aspect areas of Continuous Everything (CE) to be investigated include:

  • Continuous Outcome (CO)
  • Continuous Architecture (CH)
  • Continuous Planning (CP)
  • Continuous SLA (CQ)
  • Continuous Design (CN)
  • Continuous Testing (CT)
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Continuous AI (CZ)
  • Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • Continuous Monitoring (CM)
  • Continuous Learning (CL)
  • Continuous Acceptance (CC)
  • Continuous Auditing (CA)
  • Continuous Assessment (CS)
  • Continuous Security (CY)

The second model is the Cube model. This model also offers a solid basis of assessment questions. In contrast to the CE model, the questions here are not closed but open.

After the Masterclass you will know how a DevOps organization, team or DevOps engineer can measure DevOps knowledge and skills. Following the DevOps Assessment masterclass, you have the option to take an exam.

3. Your profile

You are directly or indirectly involved in the following processes:

Training program:

Your DevOps engineers would like to further professionalize themselves. To this end we need a personal approach. Depending on your needs, you can use one or both assessment models. The measurement can be carried out at a personal level, team level or organizational level. A training program can be put together based on the improvement points for an individual, team or organization.

Development process improvement trajectory:

You have already introduced DevOps and your colleagues have already obtained a number of certificates. However, there are aspects of the system development process that have not been properly developed, which means that productivity is not optimal. Using the Cube assessment model and/or the CE assessment model, you can determine which aspects of DevOps have not yet been developed and you can make a selection of the best practices that lead to an improvement of the development process.


You are working with another party and want to know to what level the competencies have been developed. You have agreed on a DevOps maturity standard in your SLA. Now you want to know whether the maturity standard has been achieved and which aspects are not yet in order. You can determine this based on the CE assessment.

It is important that you have at least basic knowledge of DevOps. There are many concepts in the assessments.

4. Content and learning objectives Masterclass Continuous Assessment

The following topics are covered in this professional and practice-oriented masterclass:

Module 1: DevOps CE assessment introduction

  • What is the purpose of the CE assessment?
  • What is the applicability?
  • What are the ingredients?
  • Opportunity or a threat?
  • What role does adulthood play?
  • Roadmap and maturity.
  • What role does the DevOps process play?

Module 2: DevOps CE assessment structure

  • The axles
  • Maturity dimension
  • Dimension DevOps processes
  • Dimension Aspect Areas
  • How are the CE assessment models composed?

Module 3: DevOps CE assessment implementation

  • How do you approach a CE assessment?
  • Which roles are important?
  • What are important success factors?
  • How does the model work?
  • How do you process the results?
  • Benchmarking
  • Improvement processes

Module 4: Getting started with the CE Assessment

  • CI self-assessment exercise
  • Exercise CD self-assessment
  • Exercise CT self-assessment
  • CM self-assessment exercise
  • CO self-assessment exercise
  • CL self-assessment exercise

Module 5: DevOps Cube assessment introduction

  • What is the purpose of the Cube assessment?
  • What is the applicability?
  • What are the ingredients?

Module 6: DevOps Cube assessment structure

  • The sides of the cube
  • How are the Cube questions composed?

Module 7: DevOps Cube assessment execution

  • How do you approach a Cube assessment?
  • Which roles are important?
  • What are important success factors?
  • How does the model work?
  • How do you process the results?
  • Benchmarking
  • Improvement processes

Module 8: Getting started with the Cube Assessment

  • Exercises to score the sides of the Cube
  • Examples to present the results

5. Prior knowledge and entry requirements Masterclass Continuous Assessment

No specific prior knowledge is required to follow this masterclass. It is useful to know basis terms of agile concepts like Agile Scrum and DevOps.

6. Training duration and costs

The Masterclass lasts 2 days. The costs for the masterclass are: €1175. This price includes digital teaching materials and excludes VAT.

The material for this masterclass is delivered digitally. If you want to read the sheets on your own device during the masterclass, you must bring your own device.

Continuous Auditing

This training includes the book Continuous Assessment.

ISBN: 978-94-92618-69-6

7. Exam

The costs for the Continuous Assessment exam are €225 excl. VAT.

8. Certificate

If you have successfully completed the exam after the training, you will receive the certificate Continuous Assessment.

9. Teachers

dbmetrics only works with the best teachers. Our trainers have extensive experience, are certified and have knowledge of theory and practice.

10. In-company

This training can also be organized in-company, under the guidance of one of our experienced consultants/trainers.

11. Advice and secondment

Are you looking for an experienced HR manager, lijn manager, product owner of scrum master or are you looking for good advice regarding setting up or optimizing your IT organization? Please contact dbmetrics.