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Continuous Everything Introduction – EN

A publication in the Continuous Everything series

Continuous Auditing

Continuous Everything is the collective name for all Continuous developments that are currently going on in the DevOps world. By placing these under one heading, structure can be applied to individual developments and best practices can be defined on the basis of patterns.

The term ‘Continuous’ includes the terms: outcome driven development, incremental & iterative working, waste reduction through a Lean approach, holistic working by including people, process, partner & technology in the scope and giving continuous attention to a deliverable product or service across the entire lifecycle from an end-to-end approach.

Titel Continuous Auditing
Auteur Bart de Best
ISBN 978 94 91480 287
Druk 1st
Publicatie 2023
Uitgever Leonon Media
Verkoop Contact dbmetrics
Werkboek /


This book is an introduction to Continuous Everything aspects, namely: Continuous Planning, Continuous Design, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Learning. For each Continuous Everything aspect area the following topics are explained: the basic concepts, the definition, the problems to be solved and the most important models. With this book in hand you have a good overview of what Continuous Everything entails.