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Masterclass CE Foundation – EN

Price: € 1175,-
Duration: 2 days

1. How to attend this masterclass

  • The CE Foundation Masterclass training can be followed online. In-company training, or customization is also possible.
  • The training days are from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
  • The training evenings are from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. With the evening training sessions you will go through the material in less time and spend more time on self-study.
  • To enroll: send an email to bart@dbmetrics.nl

2. The content

The CE Foundation teaches you the basic concepts of Continuous Everything. DevOps is gaining more and more ground in the world of development (Dev) and operations (Ops). Major speed gains are achieved when developing and putting into production new functionality that supports business processes. New methods and techniques are used, such as Continuous Integration (programmers working together on the same software development) and Continuous Deployment (automating new functionality into production as much as possible). The word Continuous is increasingly being added in front of existing words such as Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Security. That is why we now talk about Continuous Everything (CE).

This training is about these CE best practices. You will learn the related terms at the entry level. No prior knowledge is necessary and in-depth training and exams are available.

3. Your profile

This CE Foundation training is suitable for anyone who works in IT.

4. Content and learning objectives Masterclass CE Foundation

This professional and practice-oriented CE Foundation training focuses on the basic concepts of CE, which are explained through many practical examples. The following topics are covered in the training:

Day 1:

Continuous Planning (CP)

  • What is CP?
  • CP Definition
  • CP Concept
  • Roadmap to value
  • Continuous planning model
  • Balanced scorecard

Continuous Design (CN)

  • What is CN?
  • CN Definition
  • Continuous Design pyramid model

Continuous Testing (CT)

  • What is CT?
  • CT Definition
  • Test Driven Development

Continuous Integration (CI)

  • What is CI?
  • CI Definition
  • Versioning
  • Code refactoring
  • From source code to binary code
  • Interactive programming
  • Version control
  • Plan do check act approach

Day 2:

Continuous Deployment (CD)

  • What is CD?
  • CD Definition
  • DTAP street
  • Source code versus object code
  • The CI/CD secure pipeline
  • The required repositories
  • Continuous deployment roadmap

Continuous Monitoring (CM)

  • What is CM?
  • CM Definition
  • Continuous monitoring layer model
  • The difference between SOR, SOE and SOI
  • The lead and lag performance indicators management model
  • Monitor hierarchy model

Continuous Learning (CL)

  • What is CL?
  • CL Definition
  • Continuous learning model
  • Bloom’s taxonomy model,
  • energy level model
  • I-T-E shaped model,
  • high performance model based on Westrum
  • Schneider Cultural Systems model,
  • Color model from De Caluwé and Vermaak
  • Value chain or Porter
  • Recursive value chain or Porter
  • Continuous learning model

5. Prior knowledge and entry requirements Masterclass CE Foundation

No specific prior knowledge is required to follow this masterclass. It is useful to know basis terms of agile concepts like Agile Scrum and DevOps.

6. Training duration and costs

The Masterclass lasts 2 days. The costs for the masterclass are: €1175. This price includes digital teaching materials and excludes VAT.

The material for this masterclass is delivered digitally. If you want to read the sheets on your own device during the masterclass, you must bring your own device.

Continuous Auditing

This training includes the book Continuous Everything.

ISBN: 978-94-92618-66-5

7. Exam

The costs for the CE Foundation exam are €225 excl. VAT.

8. Certificate

If you have successfully completed the exam after the training, you will receive the certificate CE Foundation.

9. Teachers

dbmetrics only works with the best teachers. Our trainers have extensive experience, are certified and have knowledge of theory and practice.

10. In-company

This training can also be organized in-company, under the guidance of one of our experienced consultants/trainers.

11. Advice and secondment

Are you looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer, product owner or scrum master or are you looking for good advice regarding setting up or optimizing your IT organization? Please contact dbmetrics.